Budgets Made Easy

FitFin is a simple tool that will help you get a handle on day-to-day expenses, without spending hours looking at a spreadsheet. Scroll down to learn more or sign up for free below.
Budgets Made Easy
Create a budget in literally seconds. Or create several! Then review them all in one convenient place. You can even create temporary budgets for things like vacations or the holidays.
Monitor Your Expenses
Assign expenses to a budget in seconds and store a digital copy of your receipt. You can also split an expense between multiple budgets. With FitFin, YOU have the power to track expenses your way. FitFin also gives you simple, powerful charts and graphs to view your spending over time.
Create & Save Lists
Never forget milk again! Save permanent shopping lists for the things you buy over and over. FitFin has a database of thousands of items with estimated retail prices. As your list builds, it also tallies up an expected total. Track the total against your budget before you go to the store.
Manage your budget the right way!
FitFin allows you to check your budget in seconds. Never again will you spend hours at a computer, or go months (or even years) without looking at your budget!